Portable Dry Toilets I CAG® MOBILE

379,00 TTC

Compact Dry Toilets for Vans or Homes

Here is a dry toilet furniture piece designed for camper vans, vans, motorhomes, or for indoor use in your home. This stylish eco-friendly dry toilet furniture will fit anywhere. This solid wood furniture has been designed to easily fit, thanks to its compact size. Indeed, this model has been modified by removing its sawdust reservoir to save space while maintaining the same capacity as its larger counterparts.

A Lightweight Design for Portable Dry Toilets

Lightweight and sturdy, this portable, stylish dry toilet is comfortable thanks to its very smooth wood.

Therefore, this dry toilet furniture will find its place wherever you need it. Installed without the need for construction work, these composting toilets are easy to maintain.

A Ready-to-Use Model

The furniture for these dry toilets comes with a 32-liter bucket and a roll of 10 compostable bags with a capacity of 50 liters. Thanks to this well-thought-out and ready-to-use design, you can use your portable dry toilets immediately upon receipt.

This is the ideal solution if you have a camping trip planned soon! Without further delay, order your van dry toilet and transport it without any constraints. Once back home, your dry toilets can be used in the garage, in a shelter, and anywhere else in your home.

Dimensions of portable dry toilets: Width 51.5 cm, Depth 46 cm, Height 46.5 cm


• Dry toilet furniture with lid
• 3 layers of hard oil
• 32-liter bucket
• A roll of 10 compostable bags

Prices include 20% VAT (recoverable).

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Practical and ecological dry toilets

We all have a reason to adopt dry toilets

Icag bois toilettes sèches Made in France wc écologiques fabrication artisanale

Ecological and economical

You reduce your consumption of drinking water, and you effectively treat your waste, without going through traditional polluting channels. Enough to save water: 15m3/year/person to be exact!
It’s good for the wallet, and the planet!

Icag bois toilettes sèches Made in France wc écologiques fabrication artisanale

Hygenic and odorless

Even in summer, sawdust captures all the odors, and the same goes for the composter. Our blends of untreated sawdust and wood chips give off a fresh pine scent.

Icag bois toilettes sèches Made in France wc écologiques fabrication artisanale

Practical and easy to use

Once the deal is done, simply cover with sawdust!

To empty, simply close the bio-compostable bag covering the bucket and place everything in the composter.

Icag bois toilettes sèches Made in France wc écologiques fabrication artisanale

Installation simple

Assembly is quick and easy. All our cabins are pre-assembled in our premises before shipping. 30 to 45 minutes are enough to assemble them at home. Everything is included except the PQ!

1. You choose the dry toilet suited to your needs. We are available if you need advice.

2. We have stock and will ship your order within 3 to 5 days throughout France.

3. Unpack your kit and easily assemble your toilet using our tutorials! (only for wooden models)

4. Install the sawdust, it’s already ready! You are now participating in saving water for the planet 🌎