i Cube® Public Dry Toilets

Installations possibles:  Livrées clés en main sans aucun montage, les toilettes écologiques i Cube® s'installent sans difficulté aussi bien dans un cadre naturel que dans un cadre urbain.  Le décor du revêtement extérieur et intérieur se choisit à la demande du client, et s'adapte au mieux à l'environnement.  Sur un parking de covoiturage, près d'un équipement sportif, dans un jardin public, sur les plages, sur la neige, à proximité d'un monument à forte fréquentation, les toilettes publiques i Cube® apporteront un service appréciable et pratique pour un coût réduit.  Sans connexion au réseau d'eau, sans connexion au réseau électrique, sans travaux de terrassement, ces WC publics s'installent très facilement.  L’énergie électrique apportée par le panneau photovoltaïque permet un fonctionnement autonome.

Eco-Friendly Public Dry Toilets i Cube®

We have been successfully manufacturing and selling controlled litter dry toilets for many years. However, the demand for high-traffic eco-friendly public toilets led us to develop a new, suitable product.

Introducing our patented concept of ecological, autonomous, and mobile urban toilets: i Cube®.

Possible Installations:

Delivered fully assembled without any assembly required, i Cube® eco-friendly toilets are easily installed in natural or urban environments.

The exterior and interior decorative cladding can be customized to suit the client’s preferences and blend seamlessly with the surroundings.

Whether it’s a carpool parking lot, near a sports facility, in a public garden, on beaches, in snowy areas, or near a heavily frequented monument, i Cube® public toilets will provide a convenient and cost-effective service.

Without connection

Without connection to the water network, without connection to the electricity network, without earthworks, these public toilets are very easy to install.

The electrical energy provided by the photovoltaic panel allows autonomous operation.


The i Cube® public dry toilets weigh only around 700kg and are easily transported: using a telescopic machine or by crane, using slings, on a truck or on a suitable trailer (supplied as an option).< /p>

On the sand of the beaches, or the snow of the mountains, they can be brought to the operating site by sliding, towed by a suitable machine.

The interview

Depending on the use of public toilets, maintenance is more or less spaced out and can be carried out by technical staff.

In all cases, emptying should be expected approximately every 2000 uses by suction using a hydrocleaning means (pump truck for example).

How does i Cube® work?

i Cube® is an autonomous, mobile, waterless and leak-proof public toilet system (without external discharge).

Placed on a flat floor, taking up no more than a parking space, the i Cube self-contained toilets are operational in a few minutes. This modern cabin is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

The door is controlled by a contactless opening button, just like the action of the waste disposal system.

The user does not realize that he is using a dry toilet.

Without the addition of any carbonaceous material (sawdust or straw), solid and liquid waste is directed into 2 communicating tanks. The action of liquids allowing the reduction of the volume of solids.

An air flow generated by mechanical ventilation permanently maintains the public toilet cabin in slight depression, thus avoiding any odor or bacterial pollution.

A GSM communication box allows remote dialogue via a dedicated application. Several parameters can thus be received such as the attendance rate, the filling rate of the tanks, the remote programming of the opening/closing periods, etc.

Daily maintenance of cleanliness is required as with traditional public toilets.



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Possible installations

Icag bois toilettes sèches Made in France wc écologiques fabrication artisanale

In a carpool parking lot

Icag bois toilettes sèches Made in France wc écologiques fabrication artisanale

Near sports equipment

Icag bois toilettes sèches Made in France wc écologiques fabrication artisanale

In a public garden

Icag bois toilettes sèches Made in France wc écologiques fabrication artisanale

On the beaches

The i Cube® public toilets will provide a valuable and practical service at a reduced cost.