Accessible Composting Toilet Kit: iCAG ROYAL HANDICAP Larch or Douglas

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Accessible Composting Toilet Kit: iCAG ROYAL HANDICAP Larch or Douglas

This model incorporates the features of the iCAG ROYAL. The poplar cladding is replaced with larch or Douglas fir paneling (depending on availability), giving it increased robustness. This model is ideal for high traffic areas (municipalities, associations, etc.).

Ultimately, this composting dry toilet is manufactured in the same spirit as the iCAG® STANDARD, although it is more spacious. It is also detachable and mobile.

As a result, this complete ecological toilet kit can be installed anywhere: at workplaces, construction sites, farms open to the public, vineyards, tourist sites, outdoor activity areas, etc. It is quickly assembled without excavation, without infrastructure, without water, and has very low operating costs.

Odor-free, without water wastage, it will provide you with compost for your plantations.

The shelter of the accessible dry toilet kit:


Height, at the front, at the highest point, including the floor: 2.09 meters
Height, at the back, at the lowest point, including the floor: 1.93 meters
Width: 1.50 meters
Depth: 1.39 meters

Find the step-by-step assembly of your dry toilet kit on this page!

Ecological dry toilets made in France

The floor of the accessible dry toilets is mounted on moisture-resistant Douglas joists.
The roof is covered with shingles.
The walls of the cabin are made of planed larch/Douglas fir boards on the inside and rough on the outside. Effective ventilation is achieved through the airflow under the cabin, between the separated floorboards, and the free space under and above the door.

The toilet unit:

The toilet unit for accessible PRM toilets is made of high-quality poplar wood for joinery. It is planed, assembled, and glued with moisture-resistant adhesive. After sanding, it is coated inside and outside with environmentally friendly oil for easy cleaning.
The sawdust compartment is now located at the rear of the unit.

The toilet compartment is equipped with a 32-liter food-grade plastic bucket that you can cover with a biodegradable bag, thus avoiding a “complicated” cleaning process.
Additionally, a roll of 10 bags is provided with the kit.

The bags must be 100% compostable.

Accessibility standards for people with disabilities

Due to its dimensions, the iCAG® ROYAL Handicap accessible dry toilet kit complies with accessibility rules (see the compliance document for accessibility laws: related documents).

We offer, as an option, a Douglas access ramp, known for its resistance to decay, extending the cabin floor. It allows easy access for wheelchair users.

The door is equipped with a return spring, allowing it to close on its own without force.

The interior of the dry toilets is equipped with lift handles, a coat hook, and a toilet paper holder. You will also receive an LED lamp recharged by a small solar panel (10cm x 10cm) and a hand sanitizer dispenser.

Mainly made of larch or Douglas fir, depending on availability, and on a Douglas frame, this kit for people with reduced mobility is very easy to assemble and offers increased robustness.

• Cabin with lift handles and door return spring
• Toilet unit
• Bucket with lid
• Sawdust scoop
• Sawdust supply
• Roll of 10 compostable bags
• Toilet paper holder
• Coat hook
• Solar lighting
• Hand sanitizer dispenser
• Laminated instruction mode card
• Compliance document provided
• Reversible small wooden sign: vacant/occupied

Delivered on a pallet, composed of pre-assembled panels for easy assembly and a ready-to-use toilet unit.

Assembles in less than an hour!

A wheelchair-accessible dry toilet ramp is available as an option in our accessories section.
Prices include 20% VAT (recoverable).

Promotional price for the purchase of several accessible PRM dry toilets, please contact us.

Download the socotec certificate.



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Practical and ecological dry toilets

We all have a reason to adopt dry toilets

Icag bois toilettes sèches Made in France wc écologiques fabrication artisanale

Ecological and economical

You reduce your consumption of drinking water, and you effectively treat your waste, without going through traditional polluting channels. Enough to save water: 15m3/year/person to be exact!
It’s good for the wallet, and the planet!

Icag bois toilettes sèches Made in France wc écologiques fabrication artisanale

Hygenic and odorless

Even in summer, sawdust captures all the odors, and the same goes for the composter. Our blends of untreated sawdust and wood chips give off a fresh pine scent.

Icag bois toilettes sèches Made in France wc écologiques fabrication artisanale

Practical and easy to use

Once the deal is done, simply cover with sawdust!

To empty, simply close the bio-compostable bag covering the bucket and place everything in the composter.

Icag bois toilettes sèches Made in France wc écologiques fabrication artisanale

Simple installation

Assembly is quick and easy. All our cabins are pre-assembled in our premises before shipping. 30 to 45 minutes are enough to assemble them at home. Everything is included except the PQ!

1. You choose the dry toilet suited to your needs. We are available if you need advice.

2. We have stock and will ship your order within 3 to 5 days throughout France.

3. Unpack your kit and easily assemble your toilet using our tutorials! (only for wooden models)

4. Install the sawdust, it’s already ready! You are now participating in saving water for the planet 🌎